I’m honoured to share these kind words that my clients and collaborators have shared with me.
It was a complete revelation. We haven’t expected the depth of insights our workshop has generated. We came in with preconceived ideas and wanted just to flash out details. We left with a new paradigm. Life changing.

– I. Mitin, owner, fineartbotanica.com
One of the marketing contractors kept telling me that I need to fix my strategy before we can do anything else. It’s not my first business but I never worked with consultants before. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but relied on recommendation and engaged Sia to design a content marketing strategy for me.

Our work together was way more than me just receiving a strategy at the end it was also very educational. I’ve learned so much in the process and I understand much more about marketing then I ever did. We worked through all stages of the content marketing roadmap, she shared a lot of tools and little tricks of trade with me, too.

Working with Sia was like having my own marketing coach and a consultant at the same time.

– Kamila, owner, FloraBeauty Station

We first engage Sia to do some customer experience and customer journey work for our business. While we have been running our multimillion dollar business quite successfully for many years we wanted to see if we can take a new approach with our redesigned site.
Sia not only delivered what was in scope but she also helped us a lot in re-defining our business brand. She has become instrumental to the success of our new online presence.
We continue to work with Sia and she is now overlooking our AdWord campaigns, SEO work and messenger marketing.

– Rick Jewson, IT Director, Nationalcarmovers

We worked with Sia to define our customer profiles, agree on the marketing mix and launch an ad campaign. Before we started working together we always were short on time and all things marketing tended to come last. We started looking for help as we really don’t like marketing, We’d rather do what we do best – creating art.

We also needed someone from outside to look at what we were doing with fresh eyes and with experience of running other projects.
Working with Sia made us feeling more in control of what we were doing. We also know more about digital marketing and we understand our business better.

Sia’s approach made us feel well looked after, empowered and supported. It was nice to feel that you are being understood. Sia could get her head around our business model and our business aspirations quickly. We always felt that we are working on a tailored approach to our unique needs and are not being delivered a cookie-cutter strategy. Sia would always explain what she would do and why before she did anything.

We would recommend Sia if you are looking for a good result in a short period of time.

– Igor M, owner, irinaigor.com

I am a copywriter and referred my start-up client to Sia. The goal was to create avatars, identify digital marketing channels for brand awareness and create marketing strategy. As the result, my client received six months+ digital content marketing strategy with a clear roadmap.

I liked that Sia managed clear communication during the work process. She was engaging and making sure that both my client and I received all needed information on time. This was one of the keys to our success.

I was impressed with detailed strategy presentation and examples of content Sia suggested to my client. I also appreciated how simply Sia explained the marketing, digital and other technical terms to my client who didn’t have much understanding in digital promotion. 

I would recommend Sia, because she approaches her work with passion and shows expertise at what she’s doing. Sia is intelligent and easy to deal with a great sense of humour. 

– Anna Mezhina, copywriter, salute-world.com


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