As a productivity geek, the idea of doing two things at the same time with great efficiency is like a dream come true. This is why I love podcasts.

You can be running in the park, doing your Sunday shopping, or cooking up dinner – and still learn a ton from great marketing experts.

I’ve been a podcast fan for a long long time and I’ve gone through a fair percentage of the marketing-related audio content out there. I’ve seen some favourite shows come and go – and come back again! So I decided to share some of my longstanding favourites – as well as a couple of the shows I’m trying out now.

Classic marketing podcasts

These are the shows that have been bringing me useful content for years on end. Some of them were even part of the reason for me getting into digital marketing in the first place!

Marketing Over Coffee

Episode length: 30 minutes; Cadence: weekly

I think this is the first podcast I subscribed to, closely followed by the next entry here. I was still in university and I was fascinated to have access to international marketing practices and news.

John Wall and Christopher S. Penn talk about the intersection of marketing and technology. They cover digital marketing news, as well as new tech news and gadgets.

For Immediate Release

Episode length: 60 minutes; Cadence: monthly

This used to be a weekly show before a bunch of different reorganizations happened. Now Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson get together for a monthly recap of the latest marketing and PR topics. 

The show revolves around communication rather than pure marketing, featuring a lot of topics around internal comms and media relations. The show also features a stronger focus on tech with Dan York’s tech report.

This Old Marketing

Episode length: 60 minutes; Cadence: every 2 weeks

The best part about writing this article was seeing that a favorite show of mine is back online! It focuses on the world of content marketing, old and new. And who better to talk about it than the founders of the Content Marketing Institute – Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi?

Get ready for a full hour of content marketing news, discussions about the practice, as well as an old-timely example of content marketing in action.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Episode length: 60 minutes; Cadence: weekly

I’ve had the chance to meet Louis in person and this makes listening to EHM that much cooler. His unapologetic approach to no-BS marketing is not a publicity stunt but a true physical intolerance to hacky spammy short-term marketing thinking.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great marketing experts willing to combat marketing BS through Louis’ show. He makes sure that each episode provides actionable step-by-step advice. The episodes cover customer research, value proposition design, and intricate marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Episode length: 60 minutes; Cadence: weekly

Social Media Examiner is the greatest online resource for social media marketers, both novice and advanced. So it’s no surprise their podcast is also amazing. Each episode introduces a new expert interview with ideas you can implement in your own social marketing strategy.

The episodes cover the latest marketing best practices and the current hot topics – be it Tik Tok basics, live video, or perennial focus points like social media measurement. 

Six Pixels of Separation

Episode length: 60 minutes; Cadence: weekly

It’s hard for me to put a specific label on Mitch Joel’s show. But if I had to, it’d be something along the lines of “digital entrepreneurship”. Mitch’s long-standing career makes it easy for him to reach amazing guests like Seth Godin, Jonah Berger, Avinash Kaushik, and Simon Sinek.

This is not a show focused on marketing tactics. The interviews cover tech, the evolution of digital channels, creativity, and innovation. It’s more of an inspirational content format that will help you become a future-proof professional.

Noah Kagan Presents

Episode length: 60 minutes; Cadence: weekly

Noah is a founder with a great track record and one of the kindest and smartest entrepreneurs I’ve encountered. His podcast goes in two important directions. On the one hand, he talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, finding traction, and building a valuable product. On the other hand, he’s never shy to go deep into personal topics like dealing with failure, finding a balance, or understanding complex emotions.

This is a show every ambitious digital professional should listen to. At least to understand what an authentic and ambitious self-starter needs to sound like.


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Honourable mentions: marketing podcasts I recently discovered

The podcasts mentioned above have already won my long-lasting love. But I always listen to a few new shows to try to determine if they are worth it. These are the ones I’m currently listening to – often for a few months at a time – before I decide if I should drop them or graduate them to my permanent library. 

Consider these soft recommendations with no guarantees. 

Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

Episode length: 20-30 minutes; Cadence: weekly

Seth Godin is a wonderful man that talks with calm and calmness about complex topics that can make your head explode. His podcast is very similar to his blog essays. It focuses on different aspects of professional life in the digital age, creativity, and marketing. Brands will be wise to follow up on some of the trends he outlines.

The Animalz Content Marketing Podcast

Episode length: 30-40 minutes; Cadence: rare 

This is one of the podcasts that I fell in love with since the first episode I listened to. Animalz is an amazingly successful content marketing agency and they know their stuff. The podcast is a completely in-house enterprise. Their team members get together and share the best stuff they know about content marketing.

Growth Marketing Toolbox

Episode length: 30 minutes; Cadence: weekly

As a tech geek, I love learning about new tools. Sometimes I’d even go as far as actually start using them on a regular basis. This podcast is for people like me. The host interviews an expert in the growth marketing field about their work and the tools they use to make it better. My only issue so far is that few guests actually reveal useful tools I’ve never heard of – so if you’re a geek, too, beware!

Leveling Up with Eric Siu

Episode length: 30 minutes; Cadence: weekly

Eric Siu has a knack for extracting interesting information out of people in short content formats. His Leveling Up podcast (formerly Growth Everywhere) features quick interviews with founders and marketers. It strikes a nice balance between a full-length interview and a short snackable format. And it’s why I prefer it to Eric’s other podcast Marketing School that’s too short to give me enough value.