What would make a great marketing newsletter? In my oppinion a good marketing newsletter should hit a few marks:

  • A weekly schedule: it takes time to craft a valuable post. Daily newsletters tend to loose on quality in their quest to produce quantity. While daily newsletters are all the rage at the moment, they tend to just clutter my inbox and I really don’t have time to actually read them.
  • Provides curated content. There are still newsletters out there, that just send you a list of links to current posts. The time I can dedicate to each newsletter is very limited, so I prefer newsletters that actually tell me WHY I need to read a certain pice of content before I even click on a link. I enjoy author’s unique point of view and I want it to be shared inside their newsletter.

The top marketing newsletters in my inbox

Here are the newsletters I’d recommend every junior or experienced marketer to follow.

Almost Timely by Christopher S. Penn

This is a great roundup of links worth checking out in marketing, analytics, data science, and AI. You can always expect the best new content from Chris, as well as a personal letter from him on a topic that’s interesting and (almost) timely.

Growth Hackers

You might already know the Growth Hackers online community and if you do, you know how much content passes through it on a weekly basis. This newsletter brings the top 5 posts from the week as voted by members, as well as some special editor’s picks.

Growth Newsletter by Demand Curve

This newsletter is a “filter on steroids” because the insights in it come from the Demand Curve Slack community. Startup experts and founders discuss not just what the news is but also what it means for all of us.

It covers some interesting insights and adds a growth perspective on top.


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Marketing Brew

The Morning Brew is a widely successful online curation tool. And recently the same team got behind creating a newsletter, especially for marketers. It is slightly more focused on big creatives, big brand, and agency life than the other examples. This is great because it provides mere mortals like you and me a look at big strategy.

It is also the only newsletter here that is delivered on a more frequent basis – it comes to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But the content quality is so good, you need to make an exception.

Moz Top 10

As the name suggests, this is a weekly roundup of the top content on SEO, selected for you by the team at Moz. These guys sure know their SEO so seeing the stuff they read and find valuable will surely up your optimization game. It’s one of these newsletters where I end up clicking almost each and every link they include.

Total Annarchy by Ann Handley

The queen of content marketing sure knows how to create engaging newsletters. She sends hers on a fortnightly basis and you’ll thoroughly enjoy every edition. It includes a long letter from Ann – that’s basically a blog post to any other writer but much more personal. And it also packs a few interesting links about writing, content marketing, creativity, and more.


Zest is an online content recommendation platform by marketers for marketers. Once you subscribe to the platform and start interacting with it, Zest knows what types of content work for you. And you will get a weekly recap with just three links – but all of them will be insanely interesting and tailored to you.

Let me know if you have a favourite newsletter that I missed!